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Worldwide -Known HGH Releasing Formula 

Hgh Plus

from DMI

Medical research has conclusively shown that by including HGH in your nutritional program, you can begin to experience the following:

Restored muscle mass.
Decreased body fat.
Thickened skin, reduced wrinkles.
Restoring lost hair.
Help restoring hair color.
Increased energy.
Increased sexual function.
Improved vision.
Improved memory.
Normalized blood pressure.
Improved immune function.
GH dramatically alters the concept of aging

hGH Plus is for those who. . . 


wish to lose fat 
wish to balance hormones 
are looking for a powerful anti-aging All-Natural substance
want to enhance their libido
are in need of improved immunity
Everyone over the age of 30, the age at which Human Growth hormone decreases

Many are aware of the tremendous benefits of  human growth hormone. The question is "Which formula is for me?" Here are the classes of human growth hormone formulas and a list of substances to be avoided:

Classes of HGH

 Injection. Available exclusively by prescription from a doctor.

Advantages: Prescription growth hormone will enter your blood stream the quickest

Disadvantages: Prohibitive cost ranging from $800 to $3500 per month. It is injectable and when the body depends upon an outside source of a hormone, the gland that produces the hormone has a tendency to atrophy or shutdown. 

Homeopathic. This formula is prepared by taking a tiny dose and shaking. 

Advantages: Less expensive than prescription growth hormone and comes in a painless spray.

Disadvantages: No data exists suggesting homeopathic GH works. An article in the L.A. Times by a UCLA medical expert summed up homeopathic human growth hormone saying it is "useless." 

In addition to preparing growth hormone homeopathically,  binders and fillers are also prepared.  Growth Hormone, a large molecule, does not pass through the membranes in the mouth. It is very unstable and breaks down before reaching the blood. This type of substance should be avoided.

HGH Precursors. These are substances, usually amino acids, that are broken down in the liver and converted into human growth hormone.

Advantages: For short term use, this can be effective. They are less expensive than the other 2 HGH categories. Click here for details.

Disadvantages: HGH dosages are too high. Once the formula is stopped, a person's levels plummet below initial levels and you are worse off!

HGH Releasers. Substances which stimulate the release of the body's own hormone.

Advantages: This is the safest and most effective group for human growth hormone release. They work in sync with the body and are powerful.

Disadvantages: Some formulas in this category don't use adequate dosages of releasers (the opposite problem compared to hGH Precursors). Some processing methods are not as effective as others.What ingredients should be avoided when considering an HGH formula? CLICK HERE for expert answers.


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